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RebbeDrive​ Launches New Project

RebbeDrive is pleased to announce the launch of a new project - Tefilos With The Rebbe. Tefilos With The Rebbe aims to release the recordings of the Rebbe davening for the Omud which have not yet been digitalized and available to the public. We begin by releasing a Pirsum Rishon recording of the Rebbe davening for the Omud on Vov Tishrei 5740. The recording includes all three Tefilos - Maariv, Shacharis, and Mincha. This is the first release of a full collection of recordings of the Rebbe's Tefilos given to RebbeDrive. We ask of all those which may have recordings of the Rebbe's davening or any pictures, videos, Kisvei Yad, Hanachos or Yomanim to please be Mezakeh the Rabim and contact us at


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