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New App Puts Igros Kodesh In Your Hand

Throughout Chabad history, Chassidim have always sought the Rebbe's guidance. Whether a financial decision or medical direction, the Rebbe's advice was always key.

In the times of the Alter Rebbe, as the amount of requests for a personal Yechidus grew, the Alter Rebbe decided to pen his directives and perspectives, on paper. Thus is today widely known as the Sefer of Tanya. A treasure of the Alter Rebbe's guidance, for those in need.

The Rebbe's letters are just the same.

In the preface to the twelfth volume of Igros Kodesh, the editor notes that the Rebbe initiated the publishing of his Igros shortly after he stopped accepting Yechidus. "In these Seforim," the preface concludes "One can find the Rebbe's advice which he would share at Yechidus as well."

In the past however, finding a specific directive in Igros Kodesh, would require going through tens of Seforim. Until 2020 that is.

As technology advances, the BerryTech Team developed a revolutionary Igros Kodesh App.

Thousands of tags have been created by a large team of Bochrim who manually tagged each letter of the Rebbe.

In addition, thousands of Maanos which have recently be complied by 'Likut Maanos Kodesh', were added and tagged as well.

"The app is now a reality thanks to the great team of Bochrim we had" said Zalman Pape, founder of

Multiple groups of alumni of various Yeshivos have been working on tagging the over 10,000 letters.

A team of Toronto alumni were led by Shlomie Gerber, a team of Los Angeles alumni were led by Nissy Lepkivker, a team of Baltimore alumni were led by Yisroel Enyatian.

In addition, a large group of 770 Bochrim were led by Shmulik Amar, Shmuly Korf, Shimon Gansburg and Chony Labkowski.

Download the app on Google Play and the App Store.

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