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NEW: Yud Shevat 5753/1993

As RebbeDrive continuously looks to expand, making an effort to release as much content of the Rebbe as possible, RebbeDrive presents a unique gallery, of never before seen photos from the historical event on Yud Shevat 5753/1993.

It was Just another night of Chanukah, in the center of Queens, when two Bochrim knocked on Ellen Fisher-Turk's front door, they didn't expect to discover these historic new photos.

They immediately contacted RebbeDrive who began meticulously developing the priceless negatives. It was then they noticed that these photos were captured during Maariv & the Siyum of the Moshiach painting on Yud Shevat 5753.

May we merit to celebrate Yud Shevat together with the Rebbe, Amen!


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