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Reb Yoel’s Air-Mail Letters Shed New Light on Rebbe’s Early Years

A unique Tesurah was distributed to the Bochrim who joined the 'Hour with the Rebbe' this Yud Shevat. Most notably, were diaries written by the famed Chozer, Reb Yoel Kahn.

These newly published diaries, we're written on Air Mail letters by Reb Yoel to his family in Israel, describing the early years of the Rebbe's Nesius.

These letters published for the first time shed light on the young Choizer's perspective of those early years of the Rebbe's leadership in the early 50's.

With special thanks to Reb Yoel's nephew Rabbi Zalman Chanin for graciously opening his archives and providing these treasured letters to be published.

יומן החוזר - א
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