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Initial Shabbos Achdus Hagaos Revealed

In connection with ‘Shabbos Achdus’ Mafteach released the Rebbe’s edits on the sicha of Shabbos Bamidbar, 5746, the year the Rebbe requested that all Yidden unite before Shavuos.

The Shabbos prior to Shavuos, has become accustomed and marked as Shabbos Achdus’. Yeshivos often unite for Shabbos, Farbrengens are held worldwide, based on the Rebbe’s request in 5746 (1986).

On Shabbos Bchukosai, the Rebbe requested a ‘Bakasha Nafshis’. The following Shabbos, all should unite כאיש אחד בלב אחד, to add in Achdus Yisroel.

Understandably, the central unity gathering was held at the Rebbe’s Farbrengen the following Shabbos. Many children participated, and the Rebbe dedicated much of the Farbrengen to Achdus Yisroel and Tzivos Hashem.

The Rebbe subsequently edited this Sicha, for it to be printed in the Kfar Chabad Magazine.

Although the Rebbe’s edits were incorporated in the Mugedike Sicha, the Rebbe’s handwritten Kisvei Yad on the Sicha of Shabbos Bamidbar, have never been published.

Mafteiach presents the newly discovered Hagaos, in connection with Shabbos Achdus.


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