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New Find Completes Vov Tishrei Farbrengen

For years, the Farbrengen has been labeled as incomplete. The full video has always been missing, and watching the complete Vov Tishrei Farbrengen of 5743 has just remained a dream.

With Vov Tishrei approaching, RebbeDrive began tracking down the original Master VHS. B'hashgacha Pratis, Eli Blachman was in town, and found the master in his archive.

It is on that note, that we are pleased to present the complete Farbrengen of Vov Tishrei, 5743 B'Pirsum Rishon.

This new release is dedicated in memory of Eli's father, Reb Yitzchak Ben Yosef Menachem Mendel Blachman, in connection with his Yartzeit.

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