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The Footage Which Brought Thousands to 770

A treasure trove, restored.

Tishrei was always a time Chasidim travelled to the Rebbe. Yet, starting from 5748/1987, thousands more guests began spending Tishrei with the Rebbe.

What began as a brainchild of Reb Sholom Ber Goldstein, developed into a reality.

With permission from Mazkirus, Goldstein would produce a stunning video, documenting the highlight moments of that Tishrei. The videos were then brought to many cities and countries, spreading the atmosphere of Tishrei throughout the world.

The results were telling. The year after Goldstein's first video, in 5749/1988, thousands more joined the guests in their journey for Tishrei.

"The video tapes were made available compatible to different countries such as PAL and SECAM format" recalls Sholom Ber. "The videos would be ready just as Kos Shel Bracha would finish on Motzei Simchas Torah."

It is thanks to Reb Sholom Ber's stunning footage, that we can today too, experience Tishrei with the Rebbe.

We present the videos produced documenting Tishrei 5748, Tishrei 5749, & Tishrei 5751.

5748: (1987)

5749: (1988)

5751: (1990)


לזכות הרה"ח ר' שלום דובער שי׳ וחנה שתחי׳ גאלדשטיין וכל משפחתו שי׳

ולע"נ הרה"ח ר' יוסף ע״ה ואשתו מרת חנה פריווא ע״ה גאלדשטיין

ולע"נ הרה"ח ר' חיים הלוי ע״ה ואשתו מרת חוה ע״ה הורוויץ

וכל משפחתו שי'

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