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Treasure Trove of New Diaries Published

RebbeDrive is pleased to present a vast collection of never-before-seen Yomanim which were written in the summers of the years 5712 through 5732 – 1952-1972.

The collection includes nine Yomanim written by Reb Meyer Harlig, documenting a decade of the summer months he merited to spend in the Rebbe’s presence from 5722 through 5732, 1962-1972. It is a vivid, day-by-day account of a fascinating period in the Rebbe’s nesius.

On two occasions, these diaries merited to receive recognition from the Rebbe.

The first time, in the month of Iyar when 13 Iyar (the Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe's brother), Pesach Sheini and Tes Vov Iyar all fell on regular weekdays, the Rebbe requested Rabbi Leibel Groner z"l to ask Reb Meyer to check what he had written regarding which date he had gone to the Ohel in previous years with the same kevius.

"צו פרעגן ביי הארליג, ווייל מסתמא האט ער עס ביי עם פארשריבען"

"Verify with Harlig; he probably has it written down.”

On another occasion, one Pesach after the Seudos upstairs in 770 in the Frierdiker Rebbe's apartment, the Rebbe remarked to Reb Meyer,

"איך ווייס אז איר שיקט ארויס די אלע נייעס וואס גייט פאר דא איבער גאנץ וועלט"

"I know that you send out the news of what takes place here all around the world [i.e the Shluchim].”

Rabbi Harlig has graciously given over his archives of this historic treasure to a team led by Shmuly Butler & Chaim Yisroel Sperlin to publish.

Part of the collection consists of letters that Reb Meyer wrote to his friend Rabbi Leibel Raskin, the Shliach to Morroco, describing events that took place by the Rebbe. Many times, these letters and later audio reels would expound in more detail on what took place around 770 in order to give Shluchim throughout the world a better glimpse of what was happening by the Rebbe.

Also included is a unique diary written by Reb Elye Gross a"h in the summers of 5712 and 5713 – 1952 and 1953. Reb Elye was known to constantly write down all that he witnessed and heard by the Rebbe and from elder Chassidim. Some of his diary has already been published and makes up a large part of the book Yemei Bereishis, which tells the story of the Friediker Rebbe's histalkus and the background of the Rebbe accepting the Nesius.

A special thanks to the Gross family for entrusting RebbeDrive with these unique diaries.

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