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New Footage: Full Dollars Distribution

As the RebbeDrive Team prepared upcoming releases, an exciting phone call came in, a Shliach doing some 'quarantine cleaning' came across a treasured VHS.

The label read Tes Zayin Shevat, 5749 - Dollars, yet unlike the other dollars cassettes in his collection, this one seemed rather long.

After the RebbeDrive Team meticulously restored the footage, the cassette was discovered to include over an hour and a half of new footage. Previously, just five minutes of this dollars has been available.

With the goal of releasing our content without delay, we've decided to release this unique footage now, instead of waiting until next year Tes Zayin Shevat.

May we be Zoiche to experience Sunday Dollars once more, this Sunday, with the coming of Moshiach, Amen!

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