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Chof Ches Nissan, One Year Later

Twenty nine years have passed since that fateful night, when the Rebbe entrusted us with the task to bring Moshiach.

To remind ourselves again what the Rebbe demands of us, RebbeDrive has released a Kinus held on Chof Ches Nissan 5752, exactly one year after that fateful Sicha.

In this Kinus, Rabbis Levi Garelik, Yosef Minkowitz, Zalman Gurary, Yoel Kahan & Shmuel Butman address the crowd about the Rebbe's demand to bring Moshiach, as well as different practical suggestions.

We plead to Hashem that we will no longer need to be reminded about bringing Moshiach, and instead witness Moshiach actually coming, when the Rebbe will finally take us out of Golus. May it happen today!

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