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New App Gathers Everything Chof Av, In One Location

A new database gathers all Sichos and Farbrengens about Chof Av, in English, Yiddish and Hebrew, in one easily accessible location.

In connection with Chof Av, ‘Mafteiach’ released a complete index of the forty Farbrengens which took place on Chof Av throughout the years.

Beginning in 1950, a transcript can be found in both Yiddish and Hebrew, as well as a recording of the Farbrengen.

From 1979 onwards, an English transcript of the Farbrengen has been written by Sichos In English and is available in the new database.

The database also includes a short summary of each Farbrengen, as well as the Maamorim said during the Farbrengen.

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