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Chasidic Life in the 1970's

In the summer of 1976, photographer Tony Benjamin received a grant from the famed ITV network to research and document Hasidic life in New York City. Tony spent most of his time in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, and became familiar with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Chabad. While in Crown Heights, Tony captured stunning photos of typical Crown Heights life, The Rebbe's Farbrengens, Mivtzoim in the city, and joyous family occasions. After experiencing a few months in Crown Heights, Tony grew interested in Judaism, and began observing one Mitzvah at a time, ultimately, becoming completely observant. Tony now resides in Crown Heights as Yehuda Benjamin, and has shared his most unique photos with RebbeDrive. With the help of Reb Aaron Blesofsky, the team at RebbeDrive named many of the individuals seen in these photos. Many thanks to Moishe Chanin for making this release possible. To view this historic collection, click here.

לעילוי נשמת התמים כתריאל ב"ר יהודה שליט"א נקטף בדמי ימיו כ"א אלול, תשע"א ת.נ.צ.ב.ה. ולזכות הוריו הר"ר יהודה וזוג' שרה וכל המשפחה העניפה שיאריך השי"ת ימיהם ושנותיהם בנעימים מתוך מנוחה שמחה וטוב לבב בנימין

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