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The Bittersweet Parades, 5748 & 5753

In connection with Lag B'omer, RebbeDrive presents footage documenting two parades in which the Rebbe didn't participate.

In 5748, the Rebbe strongly encouraged Rabbi JJ Hecht to arrange a parade, although Lag B'omer didn't fall out on a Sunday. Rabbi Hecht asked the Rebbe many times to participate, but was unsuccessful. After the Parade, the Rebbe visited the children's fair on Empire Blvd. Rabbi Hecht then told the Rebbe the great Hatzlacha of the Parade.

In 5753, Lag B'omer was just over a year after Chof Zayin Adar. Chassidim built a special place for the Rebbe, hoping he'd join. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

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