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New Complete Footage: Lag B'omer Parade 5744 (1984)

As Lag B'omer nears, here at RebbeDrive we are busy restoring much new Lag B'omer content. We are pleased to present our first new Lag B'omer release, the complete footage of the Lag B'omer Parade in 5744 (1984).

Before restoring this video, the RebbeDrive database only featured the one hour satellite version of the parade. We now present the full raw footage, which contains close to four hours of footage. Most notably, the moments before the Rebbe came out, the Rebbe's full Sichos, Rabbi JJ Hecht's translation, and the entire parade which followed.

This historic video has been restored from the archives of Eli Blachman, וזכות הרבים תלוי בו.

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