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The interactive Mafteiach is now here!

In honor of Yud Daled Kislev Tzadik Shana, 'Mafteiach' and 'RebbeDrive' present the app that makes the Rebbe's Sichos more accessible then ever.

The app includes: • A complete index of all the Rebbe's Sichos, Farbrengen's and Ma'amorim, in order of date. • All Sichos, easy access, in every format possible: Hanocho Bilti Mugeh, Mugeh, Likuttei Sichos, Hagohos, Audio and Video. • A complete index of Likuttei Sichos. • A searchable תוכן הענינים of each Sicha in Likuttei Sichos. • And much more.

With the hope of gaining user feedback before it's official launch, the app is now being launched as a beta version test mode. To apply as an app tester, visit

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