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30 Years Since 770 Groundbreaking

Today marks 30 years since the Rebbe participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the expansion of 770. On 17 Elul, 5748 (August 30, 1988), the Rebbe arrived at 770 for a groundbreaking ceremony for the building's expansion. The Rebbe addressed the crowd, teaching a lesson from the word "groundbreaking." Following the sicha, Mr. David Chase, philanthropist, addressed the crowd, speaking of his great merit of being able to help rebuild the Rebbe's shul. He concludes his words in yiddish: "Rebbe Ich hob dir leib, zayer, zayer asach." The Rebbe smiles broadly as he finished speaking. In honor of this day, RebbeDrive presents new footage documenting this historic moment. RebbeDrive is thankful to Reb Sholem Ber Goldstein for giving us this priceless video.

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