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2,100 New Photos Document Lag B'omer

With Lag B'omer just a few days away, RebbeDrive is pleased to release a new photo collection exploring over 15 Lag B'omer Parades.

The unique collection includes over 2,100 photos of the Rebbe, and gives a new glimpse into the legendary parades.

Attended by thousands of Public School children, the Lag B'omer Parades were one of the highlights of the year, and attracted much media attention.

The Rebbe took these opportunities to deliver global messages to the world. In 5727, just days before the Six-Day War, the Rebbe began Mivtza Teffilin, at the Lag B'omer Parade. In 5740, the Rebbe said a hour long Sicha in Russian, addressing the Yidden behind the Iron Curtain.

The new historic photo collection, can be seen on Google Photos (571357165717572057265727573057335736574057435744574757485750 and 5753.) or on Google Drive.

The collection has been dedicated in memory Zisel Devorah Bas Reb Eliyahu Hakohen A"h Tenenbaum, in connection with her Yarhtzait on Chof Iyar. And to Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda (JJ) Hecht, the man behind the parades throughout the years.

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