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New app brings database to fingertips

The RebbeDrive archive has become widely known for being the online Chabad database. Spanning from the Rebbe's entire audio and video collection to thousands of Kisvei yad, pictures, Teshuros, and Seforim. And what's unique is, it's all in one place.

Yet, accessing the database from a mobile device has been somewhat confusing.

RebbeDrive has therefore launched, the all-new RebbeDrive app. CompatIible with both iOS and Android.

With the app, one can access any of hundreds of Yomanim, look up any Sicha, or watch any Farbrengen.

Years ago, everyone had a full bookcase of the Rebbe audio tapes, when wanting to find a certain Sicha, it would be a days activity. Today, it's all at your fingertips.

The new app also includes access to the 'What's New' page, where users can see recent additions to the database.

In addition, the new 'RebbeDrive Chat' allows users to chat with each other about timely matters.

The app has been made possible and dedicated by C&I, may they have continued Hatzlacha, in all their endeavor

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