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New Footage Captures Historic Farbrengen Moments

A typical Niggun during the Rebbe's Farbrengens, would last just a few minutes. At one particular Farbrengen though, Chassidim lively sung a Niggun for over an hour and a half.

It was during the Farbrengen of Lag B'omer 5746, the Rebbe spoke about the need of making a commotion that Moshiach come. As soon as the Sicha finished, Chassidim broke into the singing of "We Want Moshiach Now!"

The Rebbe began encouraging the singing, and even motioned to whistle. The atmosphere was unique, and the singing kept on going on, and on, and lasted a whopping 90 minutes, until the Rebbe signaled and began the next Sicha.

The Rebbe then commented that just as by Hakafos, one proclaims 'Ad Kan Halafa Alef'. so too, one should be appointed to be keep order, so we can proceed to the next 'Hakafah'.

This episode has been retold many times, unfortunately however, the video documenting these moments, as well as the rest of the Farbrengen, had been lost for years.

Recently, Eli Blachman discovered this unique VHS in his archives, and has shared it with RebbeDrive to digitalize, L'tovas Horabim.

The Farbrengen was aired live on the night of Lag B'omer, and gained thousands of views.

Watch a highlight of the 'We want Moshiach Now': Click here to listen to an account by Rabbi Yossi Lew of that Farbrengen, recently published by Ashreinu.

New Footage Captures Historic Farbrengen Moments
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