Kos Shel Bracha with a Violin | Motzei Shavuos, 5743

Sunday, May 31, 2020

In connection with Motzei Shavous, RebbeDrive presents newly acquired audio of Havdalah & Kos Shel Bracha of Motzei Shavous 5743.

This audio documents a historic episode when violinist Reb Shmuel Katan from Kfar Chabad played several songs on his violin while the Rebbe to distributed Kos Shel Bracha.



00:03 - Rabbi Moshe Pinchas Katz & Rabbi Mordechai Mentlik announce about the Seder & the Kinus Torah.

01:24 -  The Rebbe recites Havdalah.

02:32 - The distribution of Kos Shel Bracha begins.

08:28 - Chazan Tzatzkes sings Ech Ti Zimlak.

1:09:03 - Reb Shmuel Katan plays the violin.

1:14:53 - The Rebbe speaks to someone about attending the next farbrengen & drinking the Kos Shel Bracha.

1:24:25 - The Rebbe finishes off the Bracha Achrona aloud.

1:24:53 - The Rebbe begins 'Ki V'simcha' as he leaves Kos Shel Bracha.

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