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New Footage: אראנו נפלאות

As all are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, RebbeDrive has released new Rebbe footage, documenting the year *5751 with the Rebbe*. The Rebbe often said that 5751 was a year of wonders, now, 30 years later, we most certainly can use those miracles and wonders. The footage captured by Reb Sholom Ber Goldstein, documents the Rebbe's approach to the golf war, the aftermath of the fall of the iron curtain, and the Crown Heights Riots. This release is dedicated in the Zechus of Rabbi Levi Goldstien, who captured many unique Rebbe moments, which have been released over the past year by RebbeDrive. May he have a complete Refuah Kerova. Never miss a RebbeDrive update, subscribe here:

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