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273 Stunning Av Photos, Including ‘Metzuyonei Tzahal’

As we conclude the month of Menachem Av, RebbeDrive presents a new gallery of photos, featuring over 270 photos documenting Menachem Av with the Rebbe.

Some of the highlights include:

– Tisha B’Av – Chof Av Davenings and Farbrengens – Children’s Rallies

As well as many of the going ons in 770 during this unique month.

Also included in this gallery, are stunning photos documenting the historic visit of injured IDF Soldiers, on 23 Menachem Av, 5736. The Rebbe explained that in truth, they have been given a unique strength, and should therefore be called ‘Metzuyonei Tzahal’.

*** It should be noted, that this gallery does not include photos from our previous galleries released during the month of Av. To view the previous Av galleries, click here.

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