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Rebbe's Historic Handwritten Hagaos Published

A First: Vaad Hanachos Hatmimim published the Rebbe's 68 Hagaos, on a historic Sicha said this week, 28 years ago. In the summer of 5746, the Rebbe began editing the Sichos said every Shabbos, for publication in The Algemeiner Journal, and in the Kfar Chabad Magazine. These Sichos were later published in the 12 volumes of Sefer Hasichos. While these Sichos have been studied many times throughout the years, the Rebbe's complete corrections and edits on these Sichos, have not been available to the general public. This week, Rabbi Simon Jacobson of Vaad Hanachos Hatmimim in partnership with 'Mafteiach', published for the first time, a complete Sicha with all 68 of the Rebbe's handwritten annotations. The Sicha is a most historic and fundamental one, said on Shabbos Tisha B'av (Nidche), in 5751. In this Sicha, the Rebbe explains the uniqueness of Tisha B'av coinciding with Shabbos, when the fast is postponed to Sunday. While we don't observe the Tisha B'av restrictions on Shabbos, there is no doubt that the positive aspects of Tisha B'av, remain steadfast on Shabbos. Therefore, Shabbos Tisha B'av is a most opportune time for Moshiach's arrival, as we will then celebrate Tisha B'av, only with its positive aspects. Seeing the Rebbe's attention shown to each detail of the Sicha, gives a whole new geshmak to these Sichos. A big thank you must be given to Rabbi Simon Jacobson, the director of Vaad Hanachos Hatmimim, who made this release possible. In the Zchus of this release, may we merit to hear the Rebbe's Sichos once more, this Tisha B'av, with the coming of Moshiach now!

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