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New: The Rebbe’s Maanos of 5751

Despite the immense amount of the Rebbe's Torah available to the public, published numerous times and in various formats, including everything from Sichos to Ma’amorim, to Farbrengens, Igros Kodesh and even Yomanim documenting the Rebbe’s schedule -- there is one section of the Rebbe's Torah that has been largely overlooked up until this point: "Ma'anos" (- handwritten answers issued by the Rebbe especially in later years, when the growing demand on the Rebbe's schedule left no time for the writing of formal letters). Now, for the first time in history, a group of dedicated bochurim assisted by several Shluchim, have launched a revolutionary project to collect the thousands of Ma'anos spread across these hundreds of Seforim and Teshuros, and publish them year by year, in chronological order and in an organized fashion, with the backround and source to each Ma'aneh of the Rebbe. Today, the third kovetz including over 740 Ma’anos from the year 5751, including tens of which are being printed for the very first time, is being released for Anash and Shluchim worldwide. The Kovtzim will be distributed this Shabbos for free to the thousands of guests as well as regulars at 770 and the Ohel. (Likkut Ma'anos Kodesh 5749 was published for Yud Shevat this year; Likkut Ma'anos Kodesh 5750 - for Yud-Alef Nissan). The next Kovetz, which will include the Rebbe's Ma'anos of the year 5752 will IY"H be published in the next few months. To send in your Ma'anos of 5752 to be included in the coming Kovetz, or any Ma'aneh from any year, or for any other comments, please email: likkut

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