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'Mafteiach': Thousands of Hagaos added & Historic Pirsum Rishon

In connection with Shabbos Vov Iyar, Mafteiach is pleased to release B'Pisrum Rishon the Rebbe's complete Hagaos of the historic Sicha, said on Shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzorah 5751. The Rebbe's unique Hagaos - which adds a whole new geshmak to the known Sicha - is presented as we announce the implementation of the new 'Mafteiach' Update. As part of a new rollout update, we have now added thousands of Hagaos to the Maftieach. Accessible by date of the Sicha, the Hagaos include both A: edits in preparation for publishing as Mugeh, and B: answers to Manichim in regards to the meaning of Sichos.


The historic Hagaos on the Sicha Tazria-Metzorah 5751, are part of a larger collection of new Hagaos recently given to RebbeDrive.

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