New 'Mafteiach App' Rollout Update

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


In honor of Yom Habohir Yud Alef Nissan '' announces the following rollout update, including:

Update preview:
Likkutei Sichos
▪Brief summary of each Sicha, in a convenient format
▪A Kitzur on each Sicha
▪Hebrew translation

(to be rolled out in a number of days:)
Sichos V'Hisvaaduyos
▪Brief summary of each Farbrengen
▪the Hagaos on Sichos that where Mugeh
▪References to other Sichos letters and occurrences, in connection with the Farbrengen. 

Michtovim Kloliyim
All Michtovim Kloliyim, in its original language and translation to Hebrew and English.

All Yomanim will be easily accessible, in order of years and months.

Link to all Pesach Sichos in Likuttei Sichos

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