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The interactive Mafteiach is now available for download

In honor of Yom Habohir Hei Teves, 'Mafteiach' and 'RebbeDrive' present the new Mafteiach app available for download on Google Play. The iOS app is scheduled to be released in the coming days.

The Mafteiach includes:

• A complete index of all the Rebbe's Sichos, Farbrengen's and Ma'amorim, in order of date. • All Sichos, easy access, in every format possible: Hanocho Bilti Mugeh, Mugeh, Likuttei Sichos, Hagohos, Audio and Video. • A complete index of Likuttei Sichos. • And much more.

View the Mafteiach online:

The app has been made possible by a grant from the Chanin Fund, L'iloy Nishmas their grandparents, and Lizchus their parents.

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