Rabbi JJ Hecht's First Yartzeit

Watch the Rebbe suddenly enter during the gathering... In connection with the Yartzeit of the famed Chossid Reb Yaakov Yehudah Hecht, RebbeDrive presents new footage documenting the gathering held in 770 on the anniversary of his first Yahrtziet in 5751.

The gathering was emceed by Rabbi Shea Hecht, and addressed by:

Rabbi Gershon Sabol; Dean of Beis Rivka in Montreal

Judge Joseph Fish; President of N.C.F.J.E.

Mr. Charles Posner; Asistant District Attorney

Reb Dovid Raskin; Menahel of Tzach & Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Hamerkozis

Mr. Steve Cohen; of the Democratic party in Brooklyn

Mr. Sam Domb; philanthropist

Rabbi Yosef Weinberg; Director of United Lubavitcher Yeshivos

Rabbi Yehuda Kalman Marlow; Av Beis Din of Crown Heights
Yehuda Cheiko; Student in Ivy Leauge study program

Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Aizik Chodakov; Head of the Rebbe's Mazkirus & chairman of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch and Agudas Chasidei Chabad.

As can be seen in the video, the gathering ended abruptly when the Rebbe returned from the Ohel & entered the Shul for Mincha & Maariv, which was followed by the distribution of dollars.

After the Rebbe left Shul, there was music & dancing in 770 followed by a Farbrengen with Reb Yoel Kahn in honor of Chamisha Asar B'av.

Rabbi JJ Hecht's First Yartzeit
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