New on 'Mafteiach': Summary of all Farbrengens

As we prepare to receive the Torah anew this coming Shavuos, Mafteiach presents a new tremendous feature.

A detailed summary has been added to each Farbrengen, thereby allowing the user to access the content of a Sicha prior to opening the full Farbrengen.

A later version of this feature, will also include an English summary for many of the Farbrengens, as well as a summary of the Mugedikeh Sichos.

An immense thank you must be given to the dedicated Bochrim who've worked months adding a total of 3,286 summaries to the Farbrengens.

May we soon merit the zechus of adding the Sichos of this years Shavuos Farbrengen, B'karov.

Kabolas Ha'Torah B'Simcha U'Bipnimiyus

New on 'Mafteiach': Summary of all Farbrengens
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